Protective Services

This branch of the Judicial Services Bureau is supervised by Captain Melissa Abernathy and is comprised of two lieutenants, six sergeants, thirty-eight deputies, five detention officers and two clericals. Nineteen deputies are assigned to a newly installed 1.1 million dollar courthouse complex security system activated April 1, 2007. Twenty deputies are assigned to service the district and juvenile courts while eight deputies are assigned to transportation.

Security System

The new security system has screened in excess of 300,000 items and individuals in the first three months of existence. This new state of the art system is a major factor in the effort by Sheriff Taylor to maintain a safe workplace for all County employees and visitors to the Oklahoma County Courthouse Complex.
Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office Security Unit Sign
Seventeen deputies and four detention officers are charged with the safe keeping of individuals brought to the court holding facility from the detention center. The number of individuals may range from as few as 25 to as many as 200 and are the primary responsibility of four detention officers. One detention officer is charged with the duty of processing, which includes photographing and fingerprinting, committed individuals from the courts. The Protective Services transportation unit is responsible for transporting approximately 2,000 inmates per month to and from the detention center for various court appearances and another 200 inmates per week transported to the Department of Corrections. This unit is also charged with the responsibility of transporting inmates to and from the doctor/hospital on medical situations.


Summarily, these four units are responsible for the safe and secure transportation of all inmates moved from the detention center to any location for court proceedings and to the Department of Corrections to serve state time. They are also responsible for the safe keeping of the Courts, County personnel and visitors to the Oklahoma County Courthouse Complex.