Preparedness Division

The Office of Preparedness is tasked with making sure the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office is capable of responding to significant events within our jurisdiction.

The Objectives of Preparedness

  • Emergency response plans
  • Operating guidelines
  • Training
  • Coordinating personnel and assets
  • Communications
The Office of Preparedness specifically coordinates response for the sheriff's office related to natural and man made disasters.

Unique Response Teams Preparedness Oversees to Assist With Those Type of Disasters

  • Central Oklahoma Law Enforcement Response Team (COLERT)
  • Agricultural Response Team
  • Buffer Zone Protection Program
  • Mobile surveillance and security

Also is Responsible for Vehicles & Equipment Which Are Used for Significant Responses

  • Humvee fleet
  • Surveillance towers
  • Supply trailer
  • Scene vehicles (ATV's, electric stand-up vehicles, utility vehicles)
  • Generators
  • MRAP
The Office of Preparedness is a diverse, well trained division which we strongly depend on to help our citizens during times of crisis.