Deputy Brisco (Mascot)

Meet Deputy Brisco

Deputy Brisco is a mascot on a mission.

Deputy Brisco's Story

Deputy Brisco is the official mascot of the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office. His story, specifically how he got his name is quite unique. In November of 2007 the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office lost a K9 by the name of Brisco, the dog died in the line of duty while pursuing a suspect just off of Interstate-35 & Interstate-44 in Oklahoma City, his story has been memorialized  on the Oklahoma Law Enforcement Memorial.

To honor K9 Brisco’s in the line of duty death, we chose to name our mascot after him. Deputy Brisco serves as a community service representative, and you can often find him at parades, school events, and any number of community events representing the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office.

If you would like to request Deputy Brisco for community events please call to schedule it.