Sheriff Sales

The Oklahoma County Sheriff's Foreclosure Sale is published monthly for two consecutive weeks at least thirty days prior to the date of sale. The foreclosed properties are published in
local newspapers in which the property is located. The public may also buy property sale lists
for $4 at the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office Civil Division located at 201 North Shartel in
Oklahoma City.

Sales Location

The Sheriff's Foreclosure Sales are located in the Oklahoma County Courthouse Annex Building at: 320 Robert South Kerr, Room 101, every other Thursday. You must be registered to bid. Registration starts at 1 p.m. Sales start promptly at 2 p.m. The Schedule is subject to change due to weather and Holidays.

To Purchase a Property You Must Meet the Following Requirements

  • Minimum bid must be at least two-thirds of the appraised price of the property.
  • Down payment of at least 10% of the purchase price is due within 24 hours of sale. The remaining 90% of the purchase price is due within 3 to 4 weeks of the sale date, before the confirmation hearing.
  • Certified funds are required, made payable to Rick Warren, Court Clerk. Any sale is subject to cancellation by the plaintiff.
  • Participants must provide photo identification in order to bid on properties.


All foreclosure properties are sold "as is." Prior to bidding, research the property's
records for outstanding liens and taxes that may not be satisfied by the foreclosure auction.

The Sheriff's office does not have keys to any of the listed properties and does not have
access in any manner to the inside of them. The sheriff's office cannot authorize any entry into
any of the homes. Some of the homes that are scheduled to be sold are still being lived in and
we must respect the owner's privacy.

Confirmation Hearing

The Confirmation hearing is scheduled by the plaintiff's attorney. Once the confirmation hearing has been held the attorney for the plaintiff will provide a sheriff's Deed to be signed by the sheriff. It is the responsibility of the buying party to file the deed with the county clerk.

More Information

For information about properties that have been recalled you can use the case number to get
information from the OSCN Website or contact Kim Gennings.

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