Sheriff's Auction

Attention all Federal Firearms License Holders, the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office is holding a sealed bid auction on Tuesday, April 2, 2019 from 8am-4pm for hundreds of firearms, that have been processed for auction from our agency's evidence room. This auction is open to current Federal Firearms License (FFL) holders only. These firearms have been in the possession of the sheriff's office for many years and are listed as either seized, stolen or never claimed by the owner. As a matter of best practices, evidence rooms routinely purge old case evidence from their storage spaces on an annual basis. Court orders has been issued for the disposal of these weapons through auction. Please note, none of these firearms were used in the commission of a crime. 

All FFL license holders planning to attend MUST pre-register for the auction. The deadline date for pre-registration will be March 29, 2019 by 3 pm, No Exceptions.To pre-register, email the following documentation to [email protected] No phone calls. Provide pertinent contact information including your email address. An informational sheet about the auction will be emailed to you with the necessary auction details.  In addition, scan in at 300 dpi, in color, and JPEG or PDF format the following documents and information:

  • Federal Firearm License
  • Oklahoma State Drivers License
A physical copy of the above and any other pertinent documentation must be available, upon request, at the auction event. Note: Licensed FFL Dealers who are not pre-registered by the deadline date will be turned away and will not be allowed to participate in the auction. No exceptions. Upon arrival, each participant will sign-in at the registration table.

All sales are as is and final.  It is highly recommended that each firearm be fully inspected, cleaned, and serviced by a professional after purchase.  The following are the only payment types that will be accepted at the time of purchase:

  • Cash
  • Money order: Payable to Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office
  • Cashier’s Check: Payable to Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office
  • Business Check: Payable to Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office

WHAT:           Evidence Room Firearms Live Auction

WHEN:           Tuesday, April 2, 2019, 8am-4pm

WHERE:         Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office Spencer Training Center

                        8601 Main Street

                        Spencer, OK

Auction Schedule:

0800 – 1400         Registration and Silent Bidding on Lots, through Sealed Bids*

1415 – 1600:        Sealed Bids opened and lots awarded to highest bidder

Buyer will use provided Index Cards for each Lot and write in the following per Bid:

  • Lot Number being bid on
  • Assigned Bid Number
  • Maximum Bid on that Lot
  • Seal index card in a provided envelope
  • Write the Lot Number on the exterior of the envelope
  • Return sealed Envelope to Registration Table

*The Reserve price will be listed on each Lot Box.

When a Lot(s) is awarded, Buyers will present payment to Registration Table, and then Buyer will collect awarded Lot(s), and Buyer must show receipt to Deputy when exiting the Auction to match up purchases.

Guns - Lot 1